Monday, May 9, 2011

Day Eight: Back to Work

Jarod's Take:
Today we learned how to train our dog for different commands like fix-it, go to, speak, kiss, and get the leash. We used the get command to make Flash pick stuff up off the floor. Flash picked up a dumbell, a credit card, a spoon and a pen. He had to pick up a lot of things for practice. Flash also used the tug command to practice pulling things. Flash can even pull socks off! He bites the end and tugs until the sock comes off. Mom and I put socks on our hands and he pulled them off.

We had stations to practice commands. Flash practiced light, switch, and push. Then we went on a field trip to a store. We said under and Flash went under a table. We had Flash pull, push, shake with people and learn to ignore toys and treats. Flash was a very good boy in the store. Today there was no homework, and that made me feel happy. We took Flash home to the hotel and took him for a walk. Flash was happy, too.


  1. Hi Jarod,
    I love reading your posts. It's interesting to hear about all of the different things Flash can pick up. Is it hard for him to pick up some of the things? What does he do to pick up the credit card? That sounds difficult for a dog.
    Keep up the good work!
    -Mr. Amel

  2. Hi Mr. Amel,
    It's not too hard for him. We have to say "get", "hold" and "give". Sometimes it takes him a little bit, but he uses his paws and his teeth to do it.
    I've been doing math and reading every day. We were confused on two of the journal pages, so I might need a little help. I only three pages left out of all of my math! And mom and I read "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." Now we are reading "Superfudge" together.