Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day Two: Getting the hang of things

Jarod's Take:

Today we practiced giving commands. We learned heel, side, visit, lap, step, off and dress. I worked with four dogs again today. Their names were Wicker, Rufio, Crystal, and Flash. Rufio is a black dog and the rest are yellow dogs.

Mom learned how to do corrections. If the dog does something wrong, mom will say "No!" and pull the leash very hard. Sometimes, mom had to do this a lot of times. Wicker was not doing what we told him to do and mom had to do a lot of corrections. I was laughing even though I wasn't supposed to.

We had lunch. Volunteers made the lunch for us. It was deli sandwiches and cookies but they had nuts in them so I couldn't eat them. We had fruit and chips and drinks. It was good.

The best part today was walking the dogs. We did the command "lap" and Flash laid across my lap. I hugged him really tight and it feel so comfortable. I think he would be a good fit for me.

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  1. Hi Jarod! I am enjoying reading about your trip to Ohio! It sounds like they are keeping you busy every day! I will look forward to reading more about what you learned today! Also I am excited to see what dog they placed you with so far! Why do you think Flash would be a good fit for you? How did you feel about the dog you got placed with? I hope you are having fun and I can't wait to hear about today!
    Take care,
    Mrs. Jerome