Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day Four: The Real Work Begins

Jarod's Take:
Today we learned grooming. We got a kit from the staff at CCI. It was a Wal-Mart bag with cotton balls, bowls for food and water, nail clippers, a toy, a measuring cup for food, a big toothbrush, meat-flavored toothpaste, a brush, ear cleaner, plastic bags and dog shampoo. We also got a really big leash. We have to brush Flash every day. And we have to clean his ears and brush his teeth once a week. We also have to trim his nails once week. When mom trimmed Flash's nails, one of them was bleeding, but we fixed it.

We learned more commands after grooming. We went outside in the parking to teach the dog "car". I will sit in the back, and Flash will sit by me. Mom says "car" and Flash gets in and sits by me. Flash put his head on my lap.

We took Flash outside to go to the bathroom. When you want Flash to go to the bathroom, we say "hurry", and he goes right away.

We had lunch. Then we listened to a vet talk about keeping our dogs healthy. We learned about when to take the dogs to the vet, ear infections, heart worms, and eye injuries. I wanted to pet Flash, so I sat on the floor and played with him while the vet was talking. Mom said it was ok.

We practiced the commands get, hold and give. You can't point to give a command because it knows the drill. The trainers say we owe them $50 if we repeat a command. So Mom doesn't repeat commands.

We practiced outside in the parking lot because there was more space. They put things all over the parking lot, like cheetos. They also played with tennis balls and Flash ignored it. Good for Flash!

My principal, Mrs. Cochrane, asked what was a hard command to learn. Flash has a hard time with side. He doesn't want to sit on my side and face forward. He wants to sit by me and put his head on my lap. We will have to practice.

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