Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day Ten: Life is a Zoo

Jarod's Take: Today the staff was distracting the dogs. They had all kinds of noises to distract the dogs. They made funny noises like doorbells, people knocking on doors. They used hula hoops, umbrellas, a remote control jeep, a vaccum cleaner. One of the trainers dressed funny so she could see if the dogs were scared by her. Adrena held up big stuffed cheetah. Flash ignored all of it.

We had lunch today at a restaurant. Everyone went to different restaurants. We went to Panera Bread. I had roast beef. Flash laid down on the floor under the table while we ate. Lots of people were curious about my dog and were very nice.

We went to Highland Metro Park and I played on a playground with lots of little kids They were struggling to get on the playground equipment. I helped them. They all loved Flash, too. Lots of the little kids wanted to pet my dog. I told them that he is not a pet. He is a service dog. I let them pet him anyway.

We went on a field trip to Columbus Zoo. We saw the aquarium with fish and manatees. The manatees were really big. They were huge. Then we went to the reptile house. Mom didn't like it and we were the first ones out of the building. The trainers wanted to see how the dogs acted in public. They were very good.
My favorite part of the zoo was the aquarium because they had all sorts of amazing fish.

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