Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day Three: The name of the game is FLASH!

Jarod's Take:

We got matched up with our dogs! I got Flash. He's a yellow dog and he's really big! He does what I tell him to do and he really loves me. When I say "visit" his chin goes on my legs. When I say lap, his legs go across my legs and he stays that way. I hug him really tight because I love him so much. My sisters will be too excited to have Flash at our house.

Today we learned special commands like back, roll, off, jump, bed, up, and out. We watched the dogs play together off their leashes. They were fighting and wrestling and having fun. The staff were bouncing balls and the dogs played with them. We watched because we saw how dogs play on a movie, and we are supposed to learn what is appropriate for a dog to do when they play. CCI dogs are appropriate but some dogs are not.

They have a cat named Sassy here and a bunny named Jack Jack. They were down the floor and the trainers would hold the bunny and cat out in front of the dogs. Flash ignored the bunny and the cat. Good job for Flash!

My teacher Mrs. Jerome wanted to know why I thought Flash would be a good fit for me. I think Flash is a good fit because he did what I told him to do. We had to give him only a few corrections. I hug him really tight, but not like I would choke him. I would hug him really tight like I love him.


  1. Jarod,

    I'm proud of you buddy. Keep up the good work. It's great to see you've found a helpful new friend. I am sure Flash will love you as much as you love him.

    Have fun Big J!


  2. Jarod,
    I am so happy that you got Flash to be your best friend! What an exciting day for you, one I'm sure you'll remember forever!
    Learn a lot and have some fun too!
    Give your Mom a hug for me!

  3. Hi Jarod,
    This is your Mom's friend Jenny. I'm the friend with that red wagon you liked when you were younger! I'm very excited to meet Flash. Have fun on Friday night when you get to spend the night with him. It looks like you and your Mom are being good students and learning how to take care of Flash. I'll be excited to read how the rest of the days go!

  4. Hi Jarod,
    I am glad to hear that so far you have Flash! I hope that he continues to do well for you so that you stay matched up! I'm sure Natalie and Maria will love him too! I will look forward to hearing about your day 4! Keep working hard with Flash!

    Have Fun!
    ~Mrs. Jerome :)

  5. Hi Jarod!

    I am so happy you have Flash as part of your family! He is beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing the picture of the "visit" command. Are any of the commands difficult to learn? I cannot wait to hear more about your new dog. Congratulations!

    Mrs. Cochrane :)