Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day Two: Photos!

Canine Companions for Independence Trainers Gwen and Erik demonstrate corrections for the class using the "towel dog". Gwen has to hold on pretty tight!

The trainers also had us practice on the "towel dogs" before actually trying corrections on the dogs themselves. In this way we don't injure the dogs nor do we confuse them with improper corrections. 

Jarod and I prepare to work with Wicker.

Notice Wicker has two leashes attached to her. Jarod's leash is to give the child a sense of control and help in leading the animal. Mine is for actually correcting and controlling the dog.

Wicker up close--these dogs are so pretty!

Waiting to begin the next rotation with Rufio!

These lovely ladies are the volunteers who provided today's lunch. You cannot imagine the kindness of the people here, so warm and generous. We are all immensely blessed.


  1. so cool!!! cant wait till u 2 get back!! i miss u already and its only day 2!!!!! we are going to miss u at olivias party!!!!!!!

  2. Wendy...love the photos & updates on the blog...
    Jarod...I'm so excited for you..good luck in
    finding just the right companion!!!
    Miss Patti

  3. Liking the updates. Get a dog that won't eat ours! :-O

  4. Cool updates. What a great story.
    My vote right now is for Rufio!! I just like the name.