Monday, May 2, 2011

Day One: Learning the Ropes

Jarod's Take:
Today we introduced ourselves. We met the staff. Gwen is a teacher at CCI. She tells us when to practice commands. We learned commands today like "sit", "down", "release", "let's go", "shake" and the dog's name. We use the dog's name to get its attention.

I learned that dogs have feelings. If the dog does when I tell it to do, I can make the dog happy by petting it, snuggling or saying, "Good dog". I do this because the dog wants to feel happy.

I met lots of dogs today. There was also a cat named Sassy there. They also had a bunny named "Jack Jack". The cat and the bunny get the dogs used to not chasing those animals!

I worked four dogs today. They were all yellow. Their names were Flash, Crystal, Wicker and Cavan (Cay-vin). Flash was the only boy dog.

I learned not to pull on the leash and also not to point at the dog when I'm saying "down". The dogs should just know what I'm saying and do it. We are not allowed to point. I learned that our dog will have two leashes. One leash is for me, and one leash is for my mom to help me with my dog.

There are other dogs there, like a black dog called Holt. Lots of dogs played in the exercise yard. They are just so adorable!


  1. Wow Jarod!!! Sounds like you have already learned a lot and it's only your first day!!! I'm so happy for you! Keep up the great work!!
    Love, Kathy Schoofs

  2. Hi Jarod! Great pictures! The one where the trainer is pretending to be a dog looks funny :) I am really excited for you. It sounds like you are learnign a lot about dog training. After reading your post, I think I have learned a few training tips too. What does "release" mean?

    Mr. Amel

  3. Hi Mr. Amel,

    "Release" means the dog can do whatever it wants to--it doesn't have to do a command anymore.

    Thanks for reading my blog! I am having lots of fun. Tomorrow I get to find out which doggie will be mine!