Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day Nine: Mission Possible

Jarod's Take: Today we got a yellow bag from CCI and inside it was some paper and a dvd about CCI. The staff told us we can do demonstrations, and this is the stuff we're supposed to take when we do that. They had some products today, too. They had shirts, yellow and black stuffed doggies, cups, water bottles, puzzles, and lots more. Oma bought me a black stuffed doggie and I named it Colt. Mom bought some things too, but they are surprises for dad.

We practiced doing a lot of different things today. The trainers made different jobs for us to do and it was like a contest. We worked in teams. Our dogs had to carry bags over to a table, and we used the bags to spell out words. We won squeaky toys for our dogs.

We had a field trip to a mall today. We were walking and practicing get, hold, give. We had to drop our keys on the ground and make our dogs get them. We ate lunch at the mall. We had pepperoni pizza. It was a giant piece of pizza. And I had a big breadstick. Then we practiced more for a test we have to take on Thursday.

After the mall we went to Petsmart. We bought poop bags and a Kong toy for Flash. We also bought a name tag for Flash. We made it out of a machine. The machine put Flash's name on it, and then our address and phone number on it. The name tag is blue and it is in the shape of a dog bone. We did not buy a kennel yet, but mom will have to get one.

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  1. I'm so happy to see everything coming together for you Jarod, and it's been awesome being able to share in this journey with you, it's very exciting. I can definitely tell you love Flash very much and I'm so happy to see him join your family! I'll be sending you my best wishes and prayers that your tests go well!
    ~(your cousin) Gen