Friday, May 13, 2011

Graduation Day: A New Beginning

Adrena Wilhelm, one of the intake coordinators at CCI, congratultes Jarod and Flash on their graduation from CCI's team training.

Jarod, Flash and I sit with one of Flash's puppy raisers, Jane Barber, of Libertyville, Illinois. Flash is the Barbers' 10th dog (and the 8th that made it to graduation). Dietzer, the blag dog pictured, is their current puppy in training.

At Tuttle Crossing Mall on Thursday for public access testing. Here Jarod poses with new friends John Paul (center)  from Illinois and Matthew (right) from Ohio.

After a long day of team training on Thursday, Jarod and Flash relax on the couch together.

Flash...the wonder dog. Now officially ours.


  1. Congratulations Jarod and family! We wish you all the very best, thank you for sharing your amazing story. Welcome home Flash!!!

    Kayleigh S.(and family) from Mr. Schuttenhelm's class

  2. How is it going for Jarod now that the you have had the dog for a few weeks?
    My son and I are going for the family interview in Aug. at Northwest.