Friday, May 6, 2011

Day Five: Flash Comes "Home"

Jarod's Take:
Today we brought Flash back to our hotel. I'm snuggling with Flash right now. And he's wagging his tail. I love Flash. He licked my nose.

Flash wears two different collars. The prong collar is for making bigger corrections. And the training collar is for everyday. Flash also wears a blue and yellow vest. It says Canine Companions for Independence. He wears it so other people know where he comes from. The vest has two pockets. We put poop bags in one pocket, and we put information to give people about CCI.

Oma put the kennel together for Flash. They gave us a kennel yesterday, but the door didn't fit. So they gave us a new crate and Oma put it together. We tried it already and Flash went right inside. He will sleep in his crate.

We learned the commands light and switch today. We also learned push and tug. Flash showed us he can pull something heavy. He can open doors, and flip light switches on and off. He showed us he can close a microwave and open a refrigerator door. He helped us clean up, too. There were toys on the floor, and we told Flash to get the toys. And then he gave them to us. Flash is a great dog!

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